100 Chemical Myths: Misconceptions, Misunderstandings, by Lajos Kovács, Dezső Csupor, Gábor Lente, Tamás Gunda

By Lajos Kovács, Dezső Csupor, Gábor Lente, Tamás Gunda

100 Chemical Myths offers with renowned but mostly unfaithful misconceptions and misunderstandings with regards to chemistry. It includes lucid and concise motives minimize via fallacies and concrete legends which are universally suitable to an international viewers. a variety of chemical myths are explored in those parts; meals, medicinal drugs, catastrophes, chemical substances, and environmental difficulties. Connections to pop culture, literature, videos, and cultural background carry the reader’s curiosity when key thoughts are superbly annotated with illustrations to facilitate the knowledge of surprising fabric. Chemical Myths Demystified is pitched to participants and not using a formal chemistry historical past to fledgling undergraduate chemists to professional researchers and beyond.

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For the in vivo tests of these substances according to current REACH regulations, 54 million test animals would be necessary between 2008 and 2018. 5 billion €. About 90 % of the animals used were planned to be tested in reproduction studies. The European Union does not have the facilities to carry out these tests. Because of the huge difference between estimates and actual numbers, Hartung and Rovida called for a suspension of second-generation tests. This may only be necessary if the first-generation offspring gives reason for suspicion.

At that time, many scientists accepted a theory called Prout’s hypothesis, which posited that all elements are eventually composed of hydrogen. From this assumption, it clearly followed that no element can be lighter than hydrogen. Mendeleev was opposed to this hypothesis. He knew quite well that atomic weights are not necessarily whole number multiples of the atomic weight of hydrogen (in his 1869 system, beryllium, aluminum and chlorine illustrate this fact), although he did not have any clue about the existence of isotopes.

This synthetic ice is made of a special kind of plastic, the melting point of which actually increases as pressure increases. Skaters on synthetic ice do not seem to care at all. 9 So What’s Happening to the Ozone Hole? The ozone layer and its thinning have been extensively covered both in the daily press and the popular scientific literature. The words ozone shield and ozone hole have joined the vocabulary of many literati. These phrases are easy to remember and quite easily visualized. Unfortunately, they are also quite deceiving if their meaning is taken literally.

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