101 helpful hints for IELTS by G. Adams, T. Peck, H. Piotrowski

By G. Adams, T. Peck, H. Piotrowski

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3 \'Vhich boy is Tom? It's the houselvith the white door. It's that car over there. 12 I've got somesrveets here. \\:hich srveets do vou want? -t J 5 lVtrich girl is Amanda? She'sthe girl in the red T:shirt. \re you going to buv an expensive llhlkman or a cheap Walkman? 6 Do vou want a strawberryice-creamor a chocolateice-cream? 14 Our neighbourshavegot two dogs,a brown dog and a white dog. 7 The striped socksare nicer than the white socks. 15 The white ptrlloveris more expensive than the blue pullover.

I've already cooked them. And what have vou done? Have you finished the washing up yet? \rcK Yes,I'vejust finished the washing up. Presentperfect simple;j*t, already,yet TRIG And I'vejtrst finished the chocolate pudding. = = Grammar lesson L- Presentperfect simple Form. have or has + past participle - The pastparticiplefor regularverbsis rhe sameas the pastsimple. Baseform Pastsimple wash washed finish finished Presetzt lterfect have oRhaswashed har,eoRhasfinished do be L did &'ns have oRhasdone haveoRhasbeen We usethe presentperfect simplefor a completedactionwhich hasan effect or result in the present.

Easv exciting difficult cheap safe boring healthy expensive dangerous popular 7 don't think runnin_g is the most exciting sPort. I swimming e mounrain-climbing 3 tennis 4 cvcling 5 fishing 6 rvind-surfing 7 golf 8 table-tennis 9 football 10 basketball I t_ t_ Chapter8 Expressi'g quantiry* 9 A lot of food NICK Jennr,, here's Trig's suitcase,readv for his day in London. JENN\' \Arhat'sin it? A lot of food I expect. NrcK Yes,there are lots of bananas, a jN ofjam, a fewpears and some cheese. JENNI' But there's not much chocolate, there aren't many apples and there's onl,v a little lemonade.

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