A chronology of the United States Marine Corps, 1965-1969 : by Gabrielle M Neufeld; John Haskell Kemble

By Gabrielle M Neufeld; John Haskell Kemble

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Chapman, Jr . in Washington where he received the Good Conduct Medal awarded 65 years late due to a clerical oversight . Sergeant Horton received the Medal of Honor in 1900 during the Boxer Rebellion in China . (Scout, . v . 26, no . 32 ; 9 Aug 1968, p . ) 26 Jul CONUS---General Leonard F . Chapman, Jr . began a 15-day tour of Marine installations . During his trip the Commandant visited Alaska, Okinawa, Bangkok, and spent five days in Vietnam . (Sea Tiger, . v . IV, no . 34, 23 Aug 1968, p . ) 28 Jul VIETNAM---An element of the 1st Marine Division was ambushed by an enemy force dug-in near Da Nang .

During December 1968, 3,200 Marines of the 8,000 Marines scheduled to return home extended their tours . (Statementss on Vietnam, p . ) 30 1969 25 Feb USMC---General Leonard F . Chapman, Jr . stated that the Marine Corps was able to apply amphibious tactics in Vietnam . "As Marines move out of the landing zone in combat operations, resupply is begun by helicopters carrying supplies from support areas if, the rear to the 'beachhead' units . Because the ground commander is not tied to an overland supply route, he is free to maneuver against enemy forces without keying his tactics to protecting that route," said General Chapman .

S . Special Force Green Berets and over 70 Vietnamese at the camp . (Naval Review, 1970, p . 301 . ) 6 Feb VIETNAM---Marines, fighting in the city of Hue, tore down the Communist flag flying over the provincial headquarters building and replaced it with the Stars and Stripes . ) 10 Feb CONUS---General Harry Schmidt, USMC (Retired) died at San Diego, California . General Schmidt received the Navy Cross and three Distinguished Service Medals . commanded the V Amphibious Corps at Tinian and Iwo Jima .

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