A Guide to the Elements by Albert Stwertka

By Albert Stwertka

Provides the elemental innovations of chemistry and explains advanced theories ahead of providing a separate article on all of the development blocks that make up the universe.

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Meat Many consumer compound of nitrogen, is used Nitrogen 46 groups have objected compounds, however, to the use of these because there seems to be e\ when idence that eaten and subjected to the acidic conditions of the stomach, they give rise to a carcino- gens, or cancer causing, group of compounds called nitrosamines. One the new medical technology known raphy, or Nitrogen dominates the gases in the Earth's of the isotopes of nitrogen, nitrogen- 13, PET emission tomog- radioactive, giving off is subatomic particles called positrons when decays.

Positron collides with an electron, the two particles "annihilate" each other, yielding a burst of energy that takes the form of X-ray-like radiation. If fluorine- 18 body, this "annihilation" radiation is is introduced into the emitted within the body and can be scanned by special detecting instruments to produce cross-sectional pictures of portions of the body. 8 important for minimizing radiation injury to tissues. — 53 Neon lA A . IIA | Be Li IVA VA C N Si P As IMA VHAjHe VIA F Ne s CI Ar Se Br Kr VIIIB No Mg — VB IVB Vlb « , 1 iB Ni Cu MB Al r K Co Sc V Ti Mn Cr Rb * T Zr Nb Mo Cs Bo La Hf Ta Fr Ra Ac Rf • Co Fe Zn Go Ge Pd Ag Cd In Sn Sb Te Pt Au Hg Tl Pb Bi Db Sg Bh Hs Mt LKin Uuu Uub Nd Pm Sm Gd Tb Dy Ho Np Pu Am Cm Bk Cf Ru Rh Tc Xe 1 * Ce Pr Th Pa W Re Of Ir Eu Po At Rn Uuq Tm Yb Lu Fm Md No Lr Er 1 • U Noon, unreactrve.

Be created by passing electrical discharges railroad stations s very reactive such as rubber and fabrics. and during and It is and during periods when there air, it is is can through oxygen and therefore very noticeable near high-voltage electrical subway and It motors is in electrical storms. quite destructive to materials also quite is ,\n harmful to lung excess usually suggested that older people tissue, amount of ozone and children not in the 49 Oxygen engage in any strenuous physical activity that deep inhalation of o/one.

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