A Matter of Honour by Jeffrey Archer

By Jeffrey Archer

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Adam wrote each word down as the girl translated them. " 58 A Matter of Honour She raised her head and stared at Adam. "It's only out of a book," he assured her. She didn't look convinced but nevertheless continued. "But you have at every time . . " The girl looked up, even more puzzled, as she had now reached the last word. " she asked. "It doesn't make sense. " "No, that's it," said Adam, quickly taking back the sheet of paper. "Thank you," he added. " He left the girl and was relieved to see her shrug resignedly and return to her copy of Time.

When Anna Petrova arrived a few minutes later she gave no impression of being overawed by her head of department. She accepted that it would be hard to make any impression on him with the clothes she could afford. However, she had put on the prettiest outfit she possessed and cut her hair in the style of an American actress called Mia Farrow whom she had seen in one of the few films not banned by the authorities. She hoped Romanov would notice. " He dismissed her with a smile. Within twenty-four hours Comrade Petrova barged back into Romanov's office without even bothering to knock.

Heaven knows how many banks there might be who fall into that category," sighed Petrova. "Heaven knows," agreed Romanov, "and so might you by nine o'clock tomorrow morning. " the researcher asked coyly. Romanov smiled and looked down into the girl's green eyes. Dressed in the dull grey uniform of her 53 Jeffrey Archer trade, no one would have given her a second look. But in the nude she was quite magnificent. He leaned over until their lips nearly met. " 54 CHAPTER FIVE It took Adam only a few more minutes before he had checked over both documents again.

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