American Indian History (Magill's Choice), 2v by Carole A. Barrett (ed.)

By Carole A. Barrett (ed.)

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In the mid-twentieth century, “Native American” became a widely used alternative collective name. By the 1990’s, however, the popularity of this term had also waned, and many native people found American Indian to 22 / American Indian Defense Association be relatively acceptable, even preferable. Some American Indians find all terms such as American Indian, Native American, and Amerind to be equally objectionable, as all owe a debt to European views and, at worst, to the racism of dominant American society.

This executive would receive his salary directly from England, so the president general would be independent of the colonial legislatures. This proposal recognized the problems confronting the relationship between governor and lower house in colonial America. The proposed confederation government had eight functions. One of the most important was the right to direct all Indian treaties for the colonies. The government also would make declarations of war and peace toward 14 / Albany Congress the natives, make all land purchases from the natives in the name of the king, and regulate trade with the natives.

After Collier alerted the Pueblos to the danger of the bill, they responded by calling an All-Pueblo Council, which met on November 5, 1922, at Santo Domingo. ” They claimed that the Bursum bill would destroy their communal life, land, customs, and traditions. , to testify before the Senate Committee on Public Lands. The Bursum bill was defeated in Congress as a result of the public outcry against it. In 1923, a compromise bill, the Public Lands Act, was passed; it empowered a board to determine the status and boundaries of Pueblo lands.

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