An Archaeological Guide to Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula by Joyce Kelly

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Page xvii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS During the preparation of this work several people have provided me with information, some of which would have been unavailable otherwise. To all of them I express my heartfelt thanks and sincere gratitude. My job was made easier because of their kindness, and this work is more thorough because of it. They are E. Wyllys Andrews V, Nicholas Dunning, Victoria Bricker, Walter R. T Witschey, Bonnie and Jim Bade, Ruth Gubler, and Molly Mignon. For digitizing my drawn maps and site plans into finished form and for cheerfully complying with many revisions, I would like to thank Phyllis and Robert O'Hair.

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4) and Cozumel Island (Map 6B) 310 Site Plans Mayapán 38 Chichén Itzá 51 Uxmal 84 Kabáh 108 Sayil 119 Chacmultún 157 Tulum 331 Chronological Chart 6 Page xiii ALPHABETICAL LIST OF SITES AND MUSEUMS WITH SECTION AND MAP NUMBERS AND POINTS OF REFERENCE Acancéh: 1Mérida Aké: 1Mérida Almuchil: 2Uxmal, 2D Balamku (Chunhabil): 5Xpuhil Balankanche (Cave): 1Mérida Balché: 2Uxmal, 2D Becan: 5Xpuhil, 5A Calakmul: 5Xpuhil Campeche Museum: 4Campeche Caracol (Tumba de Caracol): 6San Miguel de Cozumel, 6B Chac I (Gruta de Chac): 2Uxmal, 2B Chac II: 2Uxmal, 2B Chacbolay (Chacbolai): 2Uxmal, 2C Chacmultún: 2Uxmal Chakalal: 6Caneún Chicanná: 5Xpuhil, 5A Chichén Itzá and Chichén Itzá Museum: 1 Mérida Chuncatzim I (Xcanelcruz): 2Uxmal, 2B and 2B1 Chuncatzim II: 2Uxmal, 2B and 2B1 Chunhuaymil I: 2Uxmal, 2D Chunhuhub: 2Uxmal, 2D Cobá: 6Cancún Cobá-Yaxuná Sacbé: 1Mérida Cozumel Museum: 6San Miguel de Cozumel, 6B Culucbalom: 5Xpuhil, 5A Dzibilchaltún and Dzibilchaltún Museum: 1 Mérida Dzibilnocac: 3Hopelchén Dzulá (Tzulá): 2Uxmal, 2C Edzna (Etzna): 4Campeche Ek Balam: 1Mérida E1 Cedral: 6San Miguel de Cozumel, 6B E1 Meco: 6Caneún, 6A E1 Real (Temple 3): 6 San Miguel de Cozumel, 6B E1 Rey: 6Caneún, 6A E1 Tabasqueño: 3Hopelchén Hecelchakán Museum: 4Campeche Hoehob: 3Hopelchén Hormiguero: 5Xpuhil, 5A Huntichmul: 2Uxmal, 2B Ikil: 1Mérida Itzimté: 2Uxmal, 2D Izamal: 1Mérida Kabáh: 2Uxmal, 2A Kancabchén: 3Hopelchén Kiuic: 2Uxmal, 2C Kohunlich: 5Xpuhil Kom: 2Uxmal, 2C Labnái: 2Uxmal, 2B and 2B1 Limones: 5Xpuhil Lolttin (Cave): 2Uxmal, 2B Manos Rojas: 5Xpuhil, 5A Mayapán: 1Mérida Mérida Museum: 1Mérida Miramar: 2Uxmal, 2D Mul-Chic: 2Uxmal, 2A Muyil (Chunyaxché): 6Cancún Ni Ku (Punta Cancún): 6Cancún, 6A Nohpat: 2Uxmal, 2A Oxkintok: 2Uxmal Payan: 5Xpuhil, 5A Pich Corralché: 2 Uxmal, 2B Playa del Carmen: 6Cancún Pok-ta-Pok: 6Cancún, 6A Puerto Rico: 5Xpuhil, 5A Punta Laguna: 6Cancún Río Bec A: 5Xpuhil, 5A and 5A1 Rio Bec B: 5Xpuhil, 5A and 5A1 Río Bec N: 5Xpuhil, 5A and 5A1 Río Bec I: 5Xpuhil, 5A and 5A1 Río Bec II: 5Xpuhil, 5A and 5A1 Sabacché: 2Uxmal, 2B and 2B1 Sacbé (Sacbé-Xhaxche): 2Uxmal, 2A San Gervasio: 6San Miguel de Cozumel, 6B Santa Rosa Xtampak: 2Uxmal, 2D Sayil: 2Uxmal, 2B Sodzil: 2Uxmal, 2B Tancah: 6Cancún Temple 1: 6San Miguel de Cozumel, 6B Temple 2: 6San Miguel de Cozumel, 6B Temple 3: see E1 Real Page xiv Temple 4: 6San Miguel de Cozumel, 6B Tohcok (Tohkok): 3 Hopelchén Tulum: 6Cancún Uxmal and Uxmal Museum: 2Uxmal Xcaret: 6Canún Xcavil de Yaxché: 2Uxmal, 2D Xcochkax: 2Uxmal, 2D Xelha: 6Cancún Xkampon: 2Uxmal, 2A Xkichmook: 2Uxmal, 2C Xlapek (Maler-Xlabpak): 2Uxmal, 2B Xpuhil: 5Xpuhil, 5A Xulhá: 5Xpuhil Yalku: 6Cancún Yamilum: 6Cancún, 6A Yaxché-Xlapak: 2Uxmal, 2D Yaxcopoil Museum: 1Mérida Page xv PREFACE Some years ago when I wrote The Complete Visitor's Guide to Mesoamerican Ruins, I had to make a lot of decisions.

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