Unlikely Governess, An (Avon Romantic Treasure) by Karen Ranney

By Karen Ranney

Beatrice can deal with a younger duke -- however the boy's dangerously beautiful cousin Devlen is one other subject fullyyt . . .

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Not like his visits to the castle. Devlen had rarely been to Castle Crannoch before his uncle’s death. As a child he’d visited once when he was ten and due to be shipped off to school. His uncle hadn’t married yet, and had given the impression of be­ ing a confirmed bachelor, a fact that had no doubt pleased his father. Little did Cameron know that ten years later, his brother would surprise everyone by mar­ rying a young French countess who obviously adored her much older husband. “There have always been men of adventure in the Gordon clan,” his uncle had said on that day nearly twenty years ago.

Who would guard her fa­ ther’s books and her parents’ possessions, those she could not bear to sell in the last month? She should tell Gaston she could not leave. A mo­ ment later, she chastised herself. Why would she stay? There was nothing here but the past, and she needed to put it aside, both memories of the happiness and laugh­ ter and the darker recollections of loss and grief.

Humor lit his eyes and curved his lips, transforming him into a handsome man. She turned back to the tray, telling herself she had not eaten in so long that she’d be sick if she consumed very much food at one sitting. But, oh, the choices. Oat­ meal with cream, a rasher of bacon, nearly a loaf of toasted bread crusty brown and warm. A pot of butter, and a pitcher of chocolate. Her fingers trembled in the air, lit on one object after another as she tried to decide what to eat first. “You say it’s been two days since you’ve eaten, Miss Sinclair?

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